Brent Sumner

Vote by mail is August 15 (Primary)
November 7 (General)

Dear Orem Resident

My wife, Becky Littlefield, and I are lifelong residents of and deeply committed to Orem. I know our community and love it.
I was the publisher/owner of Orem’s weekly newspaper, Orem Geneva Times, for over 30 years. During that time, I was involved in both the Orem Chamber of Commerce, where I received businessman of the year and business of the year, and the Utah Press Association (president in 1991). I also served in several civic clubs and Orem City commissions.

My priorities are to maintain our way of life, promote Orem as Utah’s best city in which to raise a family, and bring new businesses to Orem. As a business owner, I was fiscally disciplined. I know what it takes to develop family- and business-friendly city policies.  The past 4 years as a member of the Orem City Council we have been able to lower the cities debt by $16,862,369 (27%) and USE A PAY AS YOU GO POLICY. The city will invest $16,415,550 in capital improvements (FY 18). Currently, Orem utilities customers enjoy the lowest utility rates (water, garbage, storm water) in Utah County.

I have the energy and experience needed to serve Orem. In every decision brought to City Council, I will listen, gather facts, and be totally transparent before making a decision.

 Vote by mail is August 15 (Primary) November 7 (General)

Brent and Becky have 4 children, 14 grandchildren