Brent Sumner

Vote by mail is August 15 (Primary)
November 7 (General)

Governor – Gary Herbert

“I have known Brent Sumner and his family for nearly 50 years. He is literally a home town boy, having lived here his entire life. His business background, coupled with his love for Orem City put him at the top of the list of candidates for city council.”

Jim Evans – Chief Operating Officer, Xactware - Former Orem City Mayor

“I’m a better individual for having known Brent Sumner for over 20 years. When he was publisher of Orem’s newspaper the Orem Geneva Times he was engaged with the community to make Orem business friendly and a great place to raise a family. I appreciated serving with Brent on the Orem City Council and have observed in him someone who is dedicated and committed to making Orem City a wonderful community. I urge you to join with me in voting for Brent Sumner to continue serving our community on the city council.”

Carl Hernandez – BYU Law Professor and former Orem City Councilman

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Brent over the years and greatly appreciate how much he genuinely and sincerely cares about people. The breadth and depth of his knowledge of our community is a great blessing to our citizens and to his colleagues on the city council. The citizens of Orem can count on Brent to carefully study the issues, to be fair and open-minded and to use his vast knowledge of our community to make decisions which benefit the community as a whole. Brent Sumner is a man of the people and I fully endorse him for reelection to the Orem City Council."

Val Hale – Executive Director, Governor's Office of Economic Development

“Brent Sumner has been a long-time Orem resident and businessman. He understands our community and will fight to keep the city moving forward, not stagnating because of a lack of foresight, commitment and courage.”

JoDee Sundberg - Alpine School District Board of Education

"Brent Sumner has been a great representative of our community on the Orem City Council. I have worked with him in supporting and solving issues pertaining to our public schools in Orem. I know Brent to be fair minded, collaborative, and of high integrity as he works to find solutions that will best serve our community."

Jack R. Christianson

“Brent Sumner has deep roots in Orem. He is connected to the heart beat of our community and can speak to the issues we face as we grow and become more diverse. He has my vote.”

Sam Lentz, Orem City Council

“I appreciate having Brent's wisdom on the Council. With his experience in office and his background as a journalist, he understands our community's history as well as anyone. That enables him to frame current issues in a way we can learn from our past and continue to improve. Brent is fiscally conservative, and his leadership has helped Orem recover from the recession to be stronger than ever. I'm confident Brent will help keep our city headed in the right direction.”

Debby Lauret - Orem City Council

“I have enjoyed serving with Brent on the city council.  He is even-tempered, community-minded, and fiscally conservative.  He has a great passion for the SCERA and has worked to ensure its success.  As a landlord and businessman, he always makes sure that our ordinances are fair and not over-reaching.  I appreciate his pleasant demeanor and institutional knowledge.”

David Spencer, Orem City Council

“I have enjoyed serving with Brent on the Council this past term. Brent brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to all aspects of business, zoning, arts and recreation.

He is a great friend and understands the difference between a want and a need and this is very positive in our discussions with City management and in our Council  study sessions.

Brent listens and takes the time to understand issues that affect citizens, he is transparent and is honest in his dealings.

 I support Brent Sumner for re-election to the Orem City Council.”