Brent Sumner

Vote by mail is August 15 (Primary)
November 7 (General)


A new competitive era is upon our nation, state, county and city. The city will need to work together as a community to compete for jobs, resources and above all preserve our neighborhoods.

I will focus on:
  1. Family-Friendly policies and positions, beautifying and preserving neighborhoods and controlling impact of traffic flow and roadways in our neighborhoods. With Orem's increased population and growth of Utah Valley University the city must work with UDOT, UTA, BRT and the Univeristy to control traffic patterns and flow in our neighborhoods.
  2. I will continue my working relationship with UVU  UVU, BYU, Charter Schools, Alpine School District and Orem efforts in growth, expansion and education. We have trained, educated talent leaving our area that should be used for business growth and prosperity in our community.
  3. We must keep Orem’s Public Safety on top. Utah’s best police officers and firefighters must have the latest technology, facilities and training to keep ahead of crime trying to infilltrate our community. Protecting Orem citizens and business will be a top priority.
  4. Developing Cultural Arts to compete on the same level as any programs or facilities in Utah. We have a strong base within Orem. SCERA, Hale Theatre, and Public Library.
  5. I will carefully manage city resources for our Orem citizens. The City of Orem is a large business supported by business and citizens and I take this responsibility seriously.

Vote by mail is August 15 (Primary) November 7 (General)